• Faber-Castell PITT brush pen black
  • Strathmore cold press watercolor paper


architectural prints

Varied sized prints of Colosseo and La Tour Eiffel
It's always humbling when people like your art so much.



Dame tote bag at Society6
Just uploaded the Dame portrait to my Society6 account. I really dig the way this tote bag looks!



Dame | 8 1/4"x6" | graphite on bristol
Recognized for her acting ability and for her glamorous lifestyle, beauty, and distinctive violet eyes.

$75 + shipping


.010 sketchbook memoirs

Sampaguita sketch | graphite on paper
Done over the weekend. If I ever get back to doing a finish, I'll keep it in graphite.


eiffel tower

Eiffel Tower | 9x12" | ink on paper
After starting this drawing back in May, it is finally done. There would be days that I would do some detail, sometimes a section, and many days that I wouldn't touch it at all.

Here it is, ready to get framed and hung to it's new owner's wall.


annalely in graphite

Annalely | 6x5" | graphite on paper
I could have done more portraits of Anna, and sometimes feel there can be more done with the portraits in an artistic point of view. Maybe later, but it's time to move on. 



Self-portrait | 4x4" | graphite on paper

Self-portrait | 5x5" | graphite on paper

A young teen and an early twenties me. Circa 1994-95.



Biolanda | 9x10" | graphite on paper
Circa 1995. Where my skills were at one time. Portrait of a dear friend.



006. sketchbook memoirs

Iron Man | 6x4" | pencil on paper
One more Iron Man sketch, on paper so that my son can take it home with him and hang it up on his wall once summer is over.



Trinity | 9x12" | pencil on paper

Trinity | 9x12" | pencil on paper

A random portrait of an actual Trinity. The first shipped to buyer and currently the most successful shared drawings.

Experiences with this work includes: unable to do final touch-up because the drawing was accidentally sealed within the frame.


good times at work

Got stuck in an elevator on the 17th floor at work for nearly two hours. Just got home. Have to be back to work in 5.5 hours.

How are you guys doing?

Not that anyone views this blog, still... thought I would ask whomever comes across this.



.004 sketchbook memoirs

Monica Bellucci | 9.5x11" | pencil/graphite on paper
Quick sketch. I think I'm going to come back to this one and make it a portrait.

But I should get back to working on the Eiffel Tower.


003. sketchbook memoirs

Megan Fox | 6x9" | pencil on paper
Taking a break from the architectural details of the Eiffel Tower, with this 10 minute sketch of Megan Fox.
Yes, I'm slow like that.


eiffel tower in progress: day three

Eiffel Tower | 9x12" | ink on paper | in progress: day three

Eiffel Tower | 9x12" | ink on paper | in progress: day three

Eiffel Tower | 9x12" | ink on paper | in progress: day three
Work and detail has slowed progress quite a bit. Patience right?


eiffel tower in progress: day one

Eiffel Tower | 9x12" | ink on paper | in progress: day one

Eiffel Tower | 9x12" | ink on paper | in progress: day one

Eiffel Tower | 9x12" | ink on paper | in progress: day one
Using the inexpensive grid method, and a lot of ink.


art. coffee. meditation

Art and coffee on a cloudy Saturday.
I go to bed late, and wake up early. I like to start my day with a cup of coffee, art, and end my day the same way. My form of meditation.


the colosseum

The Colosseum | 10"x8" | ink on watercolor paper

After six months of off-and-on work on this portrait, I can finally say it's complete. And just like that... it was sold. But made affordable, limited prints.

Work in progress a few months back.

 The Colosseum was a challenging drawing, but patience helped produce a rewarding finish, and confidence to challenge myself in the future.

**PRINTS AVAILABLE** 9"x8" mini prints $20 at Society6

Most of the times, I don't like my art, but once it goes on a frame, and on a wall... I get this unexplainable smile accompanied by goosebumps.


002. throwback thursday

Circa 1989 | pencil on paper
How 'bout a selfie portrait anime of me and cousins?

newly weds: complete

Newly weds | 9"x9" | Color pencil & graphite on paper
I think I'm just going to leave this drawing as it is.


newly weds: day three

Newly weds | 9x9" | Color pencil & graphite on paper | In progress: day three
I'm going to be honest with you, I don't know what I'm doing. The more I draw, or try to experiment, the more I see that I need teaching, constructive criticism, someone to tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how to fix it.

I know I can be a lot better at this.


newly weds: day one

Newly weds | 9x9" | Color pencil & graphite on paper | In progress: day one
Commissioned work of two newly wed friends. Decided to do the portrait in brown, and use graphite for dark shadows.


innocence: complete

Innocence | 9x12" | Graphite on paper

I'm a couple of hours shy of leaving on a work-related trip to Lake Conroe. No fun, no pleasure, strictly work.

Before I start going through my pre-trip drive trip, thought I'd leave you with (what I feel) the finished graphite portrait. Could have finished on day 2 but I took extra time going back smoothing out shades, darkening, erasing, and removing fingerprints.... need to find a way to stop this.

I also experimented a bit, and quickly found out that white charcoal or a white gel pen will not work on graphite. I need to look more into this when I return.
Will be back Thursday.


innocence in progress: day two

Innocence | 9"x12" | pencil on paper | In progress: Day two

I'm satisfied with what is going on so far. Although I'm giving attention to detail, which I said I wasn't going to do.

Innocence | 9"x12" | pencil on paper | In progress: Day two

 It still doesn't feel like Spring.