innocence: complete

Innocence | 9x12" | Graphite on paper

I'm a couple of hours shy of leaving on a work-related trip to Lake Conroe. No fun, no pleasure, strictly work.

Before I start going through my pre-trip drive trip, thought I'd leave you with (what I feel) the finished graphite portrait. Could have finished on day 2 but I took extra time going back smoothing out shades, darkening, erasing, and removing fingerprints.... need to find a way to stop this.

I also experimented a bit, and quickly found out that white charcoal or a white gel pen will not work on graphite. I need to look more into this when I return.
Will be back Thursday.


innocence in progress: day two

Innocence | 9"x12" | pencil on paper | In progress: Day two

I'm satisfied with what is going on so far. Although I'm giving attention to detail, which I said I wasn't going to do.

Innocence | 9"x12" | pencil on paper | In progress: Day two

 It still doesn't feel like Spring.


innocence in progress: day one

Innocence | 9"x12" | pencil on paper | In progress: Day one
I'm awful when it comes to shades, and leaving my oily fingerprints all over the work that I'm doing. I came across an artist's page that mentioned that if I'm finishing my art in an hour, I'm going too fast.

So, I'm' going to take my time on this drawing, and give attention to my shading more than my detail.


.001 sketchbook memoirs

Eye sketches | 8.5"x11" | pencil on paper
Eyes, eyes, and more eyes!!!

Doodling before I leave for work.


the eye chico, the eye

The Eye Chico, The Eye | 9"x12" | pencil on paper | 2011
**PRINTS AVAILABLE** Please visit Society6 for pricing.

I love eyes.

Weather it be a human, an animal, or insect, I think I spend more time in detailing the eyes than any other part of the drawing. In 2011, I only produced two drawings, this one being the first.

And on the topic of first, this is the only work in my collection focusing on they eye, a one time change in my signature, and the first artwork available for prints.